The Neutral Territory uses applied research, innovative ideas and bespoke technology to bring Suffolk commercial property landlords into the low carbon economy.

Our unique Measure-Reduce-Balance framework unlocks a great deal of value from business premises for landlord and tenants in transforming buildings to low carbon, premium quality work spaces.

Tenants – Neutral Territory properties provide business tenants with high quality low carbon commercial space in Suffolk. If you’re moving your business into the low carbon economy and want to work among like-minded people in similarly forward-looking work space then a Neutral Territory property is for you.

Landlords – Consumers are increasingly demanding of their commercial property and its environmental management. We provide an easy to understand platform for landlords to get ahead of the in-demand low carbon trend.

By using the Neutral Territory Measure-Reduce-Balance framework, you will enter yourself and your tenants into the burgeoning low carbon economy. Landlords are continually supported not only during the initial transition to energy efficiency but continually and cyclically ensuring everybody stays engaged in the process throughout the journey to becoming and crucially, remaining, zero carbon.