Cameron’s a tin man and Miliband’s a scarecrow! Our Wizard of Oz matrix in election action!

Rachel Sylvester of The Times yesterday referred to the general election as a Wizard of Oz election. Sylvester profiled the conservative leaders David Cameron and Ed Miliband as tin man and scarecrow respectively according to their hard-nosed financial motivators and their perceived level of niceness. The tin man of course is without heart but with […]

Our next event – 30th April – convert to low carbon commercial property… profitably

Neutral Territory is hosting a briefing for commercial property landlords in the evening of Thursday 30th of April at Claydon Court! Dr Richard Parker will discuss the benefits, financial and otherwise that the Neutral Territory Measure-Reduce-Balance framework has unlocked for Claydon Court in smoothly transforming it to low carbon commercial property. Richard will also discuss how Neutral Territory […]

Beware the spectres of the energy bill!

We’ve been reviewing our energy supply rates recently and shopping around to get the best price for our tenants. A seemingly much cheaper quote than current was seemingly achieved. It slipped under the radar however as is often the case amidst the monotony of tele-commerce that a climate change levy (0.554p/kWh) is payable on every kilowatt […]

How are we doing with our buildings’ emissions?

We constantly monitor the energy usage by tenants at Claydon Court and analyse the results so we identify ways to improve. Below is a graph of the Claydon Court emissions from January 2013 to present. Clearly there are some interesting trends we need to address.   Click the graph to enlarge. Some trends worth noting: […]