Change in web platform

I’ve dabbled a lot in Moodle over the years as a great open source Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and was tempted to use this to underpin ‘LCC Lite’.  There’s a lot of debate about the structuring of ELearning and we’ve experimented along the formality continuum using Moodle, SharePoint and others.   The platform for LCCL needs to […]

Internships Secured

Part of the mission of Neutral Territory is to give bright young people the opportunity to work.  Internships is one way of doing this so we’ve been in touch with University of East Anglia (UEA) to see if their excellent Environmental Sciences department can help.  We had a full day of applicants all of whom […]

What’s in a name?

Although being involved in the Suffolk Low Carbon Champion project as both sponsor and reviewer the ancestry of the programme I never quite sussed out the champion vs. charter issue.   Whilst individuals were clearly internal champions in their companies , a key role for successful organisations was to act as eternal champions in their community.  […]

Green grants machine

One of the problems with sustainable carbon reduction is the staccato way in which the grants necessary for pump-priming green investments start, run, then stop. A useful web site which tracks what’s currently available is Green Grants Machine and will form a useful part of the Grants resources.