About Us

Refurb Photos 018Neutral Territory started life twenty years ago as a limited company that held a property asset – Claydon Court.  Since then, it has evolved to an example of sustainable business, environmental best-practice, professional action research and shared learning.

Change started in 2010 when an invitation to join Suffolk’s Low Carbon Champion’s project prompted a massive energy-efficiency programme that reduced our EPC rating from G to B (see left).

The ‘why don’t other companies do this?’ question prompted significant investments in research, internships and software to try to apply our simple Measure Reduce Balance (MRB) model to other organisations.  Our ‘Put Your Foot Down!’ strap line reflects our commitment to helping others reduce their carbon footprints.

All organisations are required to Reduce carbon emissions as much as possible before balancing any remainder.  Reduction is a key part of Suffolk Carbon Charter and our offset partners – World Land Trust – who work worldwide for maximum eco-diversity.

Our carbon-reduction activities have since widened beyond SMEs to other communities such as sport.  After a period of inactivity this will accelerate in 2019 with some exciting new ideas and projects.  The need for environmental action has never been greater and we are pleased to be making our own small contribution to the challenge.